Nutritional Therapy Consultations

Prior to the Nutritional Therapy consultation

Before your first nutritional therapy consultation you will need to fill in a questionnaire and a 3-day food diary. An accurate food diary will help reveal why your dietary habits are having an impact on your health. This should be returned to me at least 24 hours prior to your consultation, to enable me to prepare for you.

During The Nutritional Therapy Consultation

Your initial consultation will last around 1 hour or slightly over. During the consultation, I will need to gain a solid understanding of your health and wellbeing. We will discuss your personal medical history, any medications, experience of physical or emotional traumas, the workings of each of your body systems, followed by your current diet and lifestyle.

After the consultation

You will be emailed a personalised plan within 48hours after our consultation. There is no one-size fits all approach so your personalised plan will be dependent on your current health and life situation. This will include all your dietary and supplementation recommendations and any relevant lifestyle advice, keeping your initial complaints in mind while addressing the underlying issues.
I recommend high quality supplements and functional lab testing only when I think there is a benefit to you.

You are the master of your own health, so you need to be ready to start your health journey when we have our first meeting! I guarantee you will see a difference in how you feel.

Follow-up consultations

Follow up consultations usually last 30–45 minutes minutes and are generally scheduled 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation. During the follow up, we will discuss your progress and any challenges you may have found. We will then make appropriate adjustments to your treatment plan.

Reiki Consultation

You will need to allow 1 hour and 15 minutes for your first Reiki session. I will ask you a few questions about your current health and we will discuss your reasons for wanting a treatment and I will explain how it will be carried out.

Pricing – Nutritional Therapy

  • €70 (75 minute initial)
  • €50 (30-45 minute follow up)

Cost – Reiki

  • €50


1 Initial Nutritional Therapy + 1 Follow Up Session Within 4 Weeks


(This includes a 75 minute initial consultation, 1 x30-45 minute follow-up, a personalised nutrition plan, menu ideas, recipes, text and email support as needed)

Intensive Nutrition Package 1 Initial Nutritional Therapy + 3 Follow Up Sessions


(This is ideal for those who may feel overwhelmed and want to make small changes each week).
This includes a 75 minute initial consultation, 3 x 30-45 minute follow up’s, a personalised nutrition plan, menu ideas, recipes, a collection of how to guides and cheat sheets, text and email support as needed.

Nutrition and Reiki

1 Initial Nutritional Therapy + 1 Reiki Healing Session